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Every body is different, so your massage is always tailored to fit your needs from session to session. We generally use the following modalities, and because of this, our fees reflect treatment times, not techniques.

Deep Tissue       

Myofascial Release

Manual Lymph Drainage


30 minutes                          $50  

Primarily for focused work on a small area such as the neck or feet. Helpful for immediate relief of headaches or stress.  Perfect for Pre and Post Event Sports Massage.


60 minutes                          $95

It is used to address the whole body or to focus on a section of the body to help resolve a particular issue. This treatment leaves room to discover more of the areas that may be contributing to your pain or dysfunction.  Perfect for MLD.


90 minute massage        $135

When it's been awhile since your last session or you just need a little extra time to address your tissue issues.